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May 2013

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Putna: Manastirea Putna


The Putna monastery (Romanian: Mănăstirea Putna) is a Romanian Orthodox monastery, one of the most important cultural, religious and artistic centers established in medieval Moldavia; as with many others, it was built and dedicated by Prince Stephen the Great. Putna was founded on the lands perambulated by the Putna (which has its source in the Obcina Mare mountains, Bukovina). Stephen the Great is famous for building and influencing the building of dozens of churches and monasteries all over Moldavia (allegedly, he founded a religious edifice after each important military victory). The Putna Monastery houses the tombs of Stephen —nowadays, a place of pilgrimage —, and several of his family members. The icon veils and tombstones are held as fine examples of Moldavian art in Stephen the Great’s time. [excerpt from Wikipedia]

4 comments on “Putna: Manastirea Putna

  1. Old Fart says:

    I hope you had an exciting time visiting Romania, learning about the culture, excellent traditional cooking, few other tradition/s morals and principles, etc, etc.
    Have been watching your pictures, blogs, pages, for almost 1 hour or more….Few placess I could jump on when had seen them, and YES, Putna Monestry and few others I have seen it , and also let me tell you about River Siret which is finishing on Danube River, on the banks of my town of birth Galati. Putna monastery (Romanian: Mănăstirea Putna) is the closest to my state of Moldova.
    Me ??..An Ex Romanian Jew who left the country when young and went to Israel to find out the TRUTH (And more 😀 , tho, got more than bargain of wisdom and knowledge I had expected 😉 ), have had crawled, rolled & twisted to keep the road to Calvary like any human would do.

    Cheers & Shalom. 😀


    1. marthapfeil says:

      Very interesting! I love bucovina, have visited there a couple of times. Just enchanting!


      1. Old Fart says:

        The whole country Romania, is just beautiful….Life was simple and healthy, I believe one still can have it if looks in the right place/s..Brashov was my first choice some years back when I was just about to decide and go back home ( After the divorce of course 😀 ).
        Well still an option, but not ready now…Who knows, life is full of surprises 😉


        1. marthapfeil says:

          I have been going since 1989, for business and have made many friends. I love the people, the culture and everything that goes with it. All of the orthodox traditions are wonderful. I love how they are observed by one and all. It is a truly beautiful place.


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