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      • Yeah, La Rambla a lot of pickpocket there though but beautiful. The Paseo de Gracia, and I remember those buildings made my the Gaudi.

        Have a friend living there. Go once a year. But in Spain we have our issues with the Catalans, since they want to be considered not Spanish and be their own little country but of course they´re regional government is the one who asks more and gets more money from the Central Government a.k.a Spanish government, than any of the other 16 regions of Spain. Plus in some places they won´t even aknowledge me if I talk in Spanish a.k.a Castellano, even though they know it perfectly since they are Spanish! Last time I went into a shop to buy some trousers and the girl refused to talk to me in Spanish, which I found quite amusing since it´s her loss, didn´t buy nothing and I talked to her in english though but just to tell her to f..ck off. That she seemed got her Spanish going cause the curse words in Castellano she gave me was quite a repertoire.

        But yes, it is a beautiful place to visit and the food is great too.

        • wow! great story….there is always some one like that, the orangemen dont want to be irish, the quebec’s don’t want to speak english and the welsh and scots don’t want to be english….I could go on and on…but only got to take these pics of La Sagrada Familia on a lay over on my way back to the states from Morocco. Would like to go back, most of what I know of Spain is working in Madrid for about three months or so. Can’t get anything done….the hours they work….are so wrong to us in the states….and that eating at 11 at night….just could never get used to it….

          • haha, I´m live currently in Madrid.

            It is a culture shock right? That´s why the country is broke, it´s full of parasites. People don´t open the shops until 9-10 a.m and in the outskirsts in the little towns don´t expect them to open until 10:30 a.m close at 2 p.m and then open between 5-5:30 p.m to 8 p.m what bunch of work load….

            If you´re in Marocco, please tell them to stop jumping the fence and cross into my country, the towns here are full of Marocans and they are all selling dope. By the way you can also give me an invite and pay my ticket to the U.S, I need to get back there!

            • I can’t believe that!!! so you eat at 11pm!!!! how do you do it!!!!! and what time do you get up….everybody seemed to be cool to get to work by 9 but I don’t know how they did it! It is a mess there now…I bet unemployment is skyrocketing….I haven’t been paying that close attention to it. I am sure you are right about the Moroccan’s coming over to Spain….I mean they do live in Africa after all. wouldn’t you want to get out? ooops got a meeting…talk later.

              • I usually eat lunch between 2:30 and 3.p.m and dinner between 9-10 p.m. But I do remember in the U.S,that was a culture shock for me when they called lunch at 12 p.m and then dinner at 5:30-6 p.m. I got used to it and I loved it. I found that you could be more productive during the day. The norm was to wake up at 6-7 a.m, don´t tell that to a another Spaniard he might get a heart attack.

                Yep, unemployment is officially at 26.7%, officially so what the government tells us which unofficially my guess will be in the mid 30%. Like in the U.S, you really think it´s at 7.something % that´s the official number unofficial you guys are probably in double digits, very low double digits though.

                And getting employment is near to impossible, that´s why I take shitty jobs that do not require you to sign a contract and they pay you in “black” money,meaning you go and your employer go, hus hus no IRS.

                Spain is screwed up and is going to get even worst.

                Hope the meeting went well.

                • meeting was a little recess from the usual. I am an attorney and I usually do contracts. this was about a lawsuit that our real estate company got involved in..the meeting was just hearing about it…it was pretty funny… that is why it was a little vacation for me. I can’t believe your unemployment figures even the official ones. I have spent a lot of time in Romania – we used to have an airline there. but it has gone through some really tough growing pains coming out from behind the iron curtain. But there is a lot of jobs off the books there too. It is really tough all over these days. Very little in the way of construction work over here because no banks will lend money to little people to buy houses. Everything is sort of stuck. Is that the way it is in Spain?

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