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    • this place has a mix of new agey entrees, but pork belly was the most adventurous of them. I stuck with the sides and turned vegetarian for the evening!

      • Pork belly is fine. I’m pretty adventuresome with local cuisines, and I can’t believe some of the things I ate when we lived in Spain. But going veggie is usually safe.

          • You have to be really careful when you travel. We don’t eat in restaurants when we travel. We buy food in the markets and make sandwiches and whatever we can with what’s available. When we were in Paris in 2013, we rented an apartment so we had a kitchen. When we lived in Spain, I could be more adventurous because we lived there. Out of the 4 years we lived in Spain we only ate in a couple of restaurants. I had the pig ears at a reception after playing a concert in one of the villages outside Madrid.

            • that is what we usually do too, but this was for work and we had dinners and lunches etc. everyday. I am going to Paris with two of my sisters and my niece in February and we have rented an apartment, we are so excited but we will do as you did, with buying food at the markets ….best way.

              • Where’s your apartment located? We were a block from the Opera in a great location. We went to the Lourve every day for two weeks and didn’t scratch the surface. It’s immense. There is a local guide of happenings, forgot the name, where we found some fantastic free classical concerts in it while we were there. They were in not so well know churches, but well worth the effort of attending. Also heard some really great organ concerts in Notre Dame. We need to go back for a year to do and see all the stuff we wanted to see. BTW, we thought the boat tours looked cheesy at first, but we finally bought an all day on-off ticket for one of the boats, and it was really fun. We spent a whole day riding up and down the Seine, getting off to see things and then getting back on. I recommended the tour boats.

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