5 nov 2014

about me?  impossible.  I can’t talk about myself…hmmm…. what i can say is that I have been married, I have many sisters whom I love to pieces  and now after Olive’s passing (see her RIP post) I have three cats that really were Olive’s,  Bay, who  is 16 years old, and the two kits, Pearl and Ruby,  who are about 2 years old now, but still act like kittens.  I work.  It seems like I work all the time, possibly because I do little else.



177 thoughts

  1. I used to think that is we ever had a dog, it would be a Jack Russell: I think they’re about as cute as a dog can be. But Chic told me “No we wouldn’t, darling: Jack Russells are cat killers!”. Someone whose opinion he had time for had told him that – probably some old country bloke. I wish he were still here for a million reasons; and one is to point silently at your post re Olive and them cats. [grin]

  2. Thank you for following me at Triggershorse, and introducing me to your beautiful blog. And I love that you got kitties for your dog. Precious! – Fawn

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and, in so doing, introducing me to yours. Love the way it takes me to so many places that I haven’t been to, but now can via your beautiful photos!

  4. Thanks for following!
    Whenever I go to new places and take photographs, I always end up getting in trouble.
    “Sir, you’re not allowed in the women’s bathhouse”, “Sir, you can’t go in the Tabernacle”, “Sir, we’re Amish, and we’re pretty sure you’re trying to steal our souls.”
    Touchy, right?

    • I like that in a photographer…that pushiness….I try sometimes …I was crushed by a nun who told me not to take her picture…I almost made her fall of a ladder!!! sorry, so sorry!!!!!

  5. Thank you for viewing my posts and for now wishing to follow along on my journey–Your photographs are beautiful–especially of Firenza as that is my second home (truly in my heart)–I look froward to exploring your site–thank you for sharing your beautiful images–blessings—Julie

  6. Thankyou so much for popping in to my blog,i love your pics also 🙂 another terrier owner is always a joy! i will enjoy following your blog and hope you enjoy mine too. bev 🙂

    • greetings from William – the ginger tabby, 14, Bay – white with gray spots, 14, Pearl, gray tabby, 1 and Ruby, brown tabby, 1….we get to go outside but have to come in for the night!

  7. Thank you for following my blog – I’m delighted you have enjoyed your time there. Your blog whets my appetite for more travel… I have an ever-growing wish list of far-flung destinations to visit!

  8. Thanks for stopping by. Seems we have something fairly in common — my dog is 14 & a Rat terrier. Mine is always being confused for yours, except the Jack Russell is a bit wilder than the Rat terrier.

    • My little girl never had that wild streak. She has always been sort of reserved and serious…she never wants to play with toys, she checks her perimeters at work when we go out for a break, sniffing and marking out to the edges of her territory…then it is back inside for another nap under my desk!!!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! It’s nice to meet you. You have some beautiful pictures here and I will be looking forward to seeing more! And maybe learn a little about Olive?

    • oh I love your blog….a library dog is an intriguing figure and books are one of our favorite things! thank you for visiting our site! Olive is a 14 year old JRT but she has way too much wire hair for a broken coated JRT. Consequently other normal characteristics of JRT’s are missing …she is very calm and has always been an old soul. She has come to work with me everyday since I got her when she was 6 mos old. She has her routine and sleeps under my desk. She is a dear. I love the books that you have in your blog. I mostly give books to every child in my life…I believe it is the best gift you can give!!! I will be checking back regularly.

  10. Thanks for following my blog I am glad it brought me to some of your galleries, brilliant photography.

    And nice to see some familiar friends on your recommended blog list. Its a great community we share.

  11. Hi! I wanted to take this chance and thank you for following my blog; I can’t believe I hadn’t already done so. I love the galleries, and I especially love Heidelberg!

  12. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures. On your blog I am able to see pictures of locations I adore; and other pictures of places I never knew I would adore and do now!

    • thanks, I have traveled a lot with my work in aviation, so I have gotten to see some places that are quite unusual and beautiful. I am glad you are enjoying them!

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